Connecting the many Ethereum blockchains

Started by Loi Luu, Nate Rush and Nicholas Lin. Now maintained by Kyber Network

What is PeaceRelay

PeaceRelay allows communication/ interaction between two different Ethereum blockchains, e.g. Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. Via PeaceRelay’s protocol, Ethereum contracts can read and verify transactions, account states on Ethereum Classic and vice versa. 
Read more about it here.


Possible Applications that PeaceRelay Enables

Cross-chain trading

PeaceRelay can  allow people to trade ETC (or any other EVM-compatible coins) just like any ERC20 token in Ethereum. Kyber Network and potentially other platforms will leverage Peacerelay to enable cross-chain trading and bring liquidity on other chains to Ethereum.

Private-Public Chains Communication

Recently EEA has become the largest blockchain consortium, one expects that many enterprises/ organisations will develop and maintain their own private blockchain based on Ethereum. PeaceRelay does not stop at relaying between Ethereum Classic and Ethereum. 

On-chain state oracle

As aforementioned, PeaceRelay allows verification of not only transactions, but also blockchain state. Thus, an example, proposed by Nate Rush, is that a contract can verify how full the recent blocks are (i.e. how much gas they consume) to automatically adjust the deadline for submission of, say, a reveal transaction for a commit-reveal protocol.